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This game is just like another game with different visuals...

maybe a lot of work..

but no point to this. You should have had different paths or something it was boring to click a "next" button over and over


Could be great if you gave it a little more quality. I liked the idea, actually i like this game. Just annoying that its sticks and some of it was a little unresponsive. I think it would be great if you added more to it. Better drawings. different looking enemies. the backgrounds are ok but detail never hurts. Really good dude, i hope you remake this with perty graphics and if so, give me a call :)

blood-leach responds:

shore will if it passes jogment or not
il update it but thx anyway

Cool game

Its sweet, could have been more graphic though.


14/20... Not the best but i got a good score i suppose. Hot chicks too


I really liked this for some reason. It would have been better if there was different poses and different add ons for the Master. But what would make this gold would have been an export option or an option to save what your guy looks like. OH and if you could color the add ons too. I tried coloring the game different but failed BOOO!! Anyway, Good stuff. Keep it up a dude man

IWantSomeCookies responds:

Lol. Thanks man!

Really ~ Thanks. Im trying to do a V.2 at the moment. I've got some other projects though to work on, but anyway thanks for the review. I will do different poses and also I might draw in some grunts or something.

Lol vote 5 again ^.^


I went to X out internet explorer in this game but i accidently Xed out IE in real life. Damn and i was doing good in my game :( lol


I dunno about the bus thing but the alarm clock wakes you up earlier so you can do more in a day.

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For a tutorial...

It was lacking. include more stuff for us if you are gonna submit a tutorial. it wasnt bad or nothing, just i dont think it had enough.. but, by the way, your lightsaber tip, the middle of the lightsaber is supposed to be white with a color tint. Like bluish tint, or green, or red, whatever. it isnt spose to be pure blue :) lol, just a friendly reminder, (yes, i love my star wars)

Pesuve responds:

thx for the good review only 10:s gives me high score

What a stupid flash

And very cruel to animals. I wasted about 30 seconds of my life, thanks

SpinningCubeClock responds:

fuck you

Man, My cartoon is sweet... I swear :) YESH

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